Xinteng (Rita) Zhou, Ph.D.
Head of Regulatory Affairs


Dr. Zhou is the Head of Regulatory Affairs at Terns China Biotechnology. Dr. Zhou has 15 years of experience in pharmaceutical drug research and development. Prior to joining Terns, she served as Regulatory Affairs Director at Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group LTD., where she contributed to the development of innovative drugs across multiple therapeutic areas including anti-infectives, cardiovascular disease, oncology, and diabetes. Dr. Zhou gained experience in pharmaceutical R&D and quality assurance at Xuanzhu Pharma, a subsidiary of the Sihuan Group. Prior to Sihuan, Dr. Zhou was the R&D Director at Beijing Honglin Pharmaceutical Corporation Ltd.

Dr. Zhou received her Ph.D. from Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. Dr. Zhou is also a licensed pharmacist.